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My Precious Pincess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #3

* This post is continued from My Precious Princess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #1 & Part #2. During the balance of my cancer treatments, Precious was constantly in my arms or on my lap… I even took her to my oncology appointments and she would sleep under my sheet with her “bony” during my [ ... ]

My Precious Princess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #1

In 2005, I lost my husband to a very rare cancer and during the week of his death, I found that I too, had cancer. After 2 surgeries and during chemotherapy, I was so comforted by the constant presence of my dog Sugar (a poodle-Westie cross), and my daughter’s miniature schnauzer, Kaptain. During the course of my extended treatments, my daughter’s terrier family increased to include 2 miniature schnauzer puppies, Kurious and Knosey. During those endless months of chemotherapy, I was so very comforted by the love and attendance I received from [ ... ]