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My Precious Princess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #1

In 2005, I lost my husband to a very rare cancer and during the week of his death, I found that I too, had cancer.

Mom & Dad Christmas 2005

After 2 surgeries and during chemotherapy, I was so comforted by the constant presence of my dog Sugar (a poodle-Westie cross), and my daughter’s miniature schnauzer, Kaptain.

During the course of my extended treatments, my daughter’s terrier family increased to include 2 miniature schnauzer puppies, Kurious and Knosey.

During those endless months of chemotherapy, I was so very comforted by the love and attendance I received from these caring and entertaining dogs.

Me & Knosey

As I was part way through my treatments, my son-in-law brought me a tiny miniature schnauzer pup from Texas since my daughter, son-in-law and their 3 dogs were planning to return to their Texas home after spending nearly 3 yrs with me during my illness and partial recovery.

My little “Precious” was a very welcome addition to our household. She kept my son-in-law company, along with her surrogate puppy mommy, Knosey, and her surrogate human mommy, my daughter, on the long trip home from Texas to Canada.


She was became very sick as a puppy and her trip to Canada was delayed by 1 month, as she needed a clean bill of health to cross the border.  She had a terrible bought of kennel cough, you can read about it by clicking that link.

Eventually, they nursed her back to health before bringing this Precious gift home to me!

She definitely endeared herself to Kimberly, Kenney and Knosey during these early days as a puppy with them. She still holds a special place in their hearts!

On arriving home to the welcoming arms of her new human mommy, she was boisterously welcomed by our 3 other terriers, Sugar, Kurious and Kaptain.


She had no fear in spite of the fact that the other animals were larger and that there were so many of them. They all quickly fell in love with her too and enjoyed mothering and fathering this new, tiny puppy.

To this day, at 1 1/2 years of age, she is still treated like the “Baby” by our other terriers.

* I will continue this story in a few days…


I hope you enjoyed this Pets post on Ingrid Turner Today! Until next time…

Stay Tuned,

Ingrid Turner :)

P.S. If you haven’t yet already, be sure to check out my daughter’s website, TerrierLover.com!

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  3. […] you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting! * This post is continued from My Precious Princess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #1 & Part […]

  4. […] My Precious Princess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #1 […]

  5. I’m happy you have your miniature schnauzer to comfort you every single day!

  6. Ingrid says:

    Thanks Anne…

    She does, as does my Westie-Poo – and my daughter’s 3 mini schnauzers! LOL…

    I just love them – they brighten up my day more than I could ever express!


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