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My Precious Pincess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #3

* This post is continued from My Precious Princess – The Miniature Schnauzer: Part #1 & Part #2.

During the balance of my cancer treatments, Precious was constantly in my arms or on my lap…

I even took her to my oncology appointments and she would sleep under my sheet with her “bony” during my Herceptin treatments.

People didn’t even realize I had a dog with me…She was so good and quiet!

As my feet and ankles are arthritic and walking is difficult even with my canes, my little Precious has become accustomed to the noise of the canes and wheelchair, and finds comfort close to her human mom, as I find comfort in her presence too!

She is such a beautiful and special dog, who fills my world with joy and love…truly a “Precious” gift.

I cannot foresee a time when I would ever, willingly, be without 1 or 2 (or 3 or 4 or 5) terriers. They are each so very unique and endearing. Life is wonderful and fulfilling with them around!

As I sit here in my living room, nursing my painful joints, my little Precious is standing at the window on her hind legs, with her forepaws on the windowsill, watching the squirrels and birds in the back yard, and looking like she is anticipating the coming of Spring, and her 2nd birthday.

My little Precious Princess will be receiving her own, special little dog bed soon.

She is my darling “Precious Princess”!!!

I would emphatically recommend a miniature schnauzer or any other terrier dog to anyone looking for a companion animal.

Be prepared to fall hopelessly captivated & in LOVE!


I hope you enjoyed this Pets post on Ingrid Turner Today! Until next time…

Love Me, Love My Precious Princess,

Ingrid Turner :)

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