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I Entered Cooking With Kimberly’s Foodie Blog Carnival!

A few weeks back, I entered my Crepes recipe into Cooking With Kimberly‘s Foodie Blog Carnival


Well, my recipe was accepted and included in the carnival that started today!

It’s my very first blog carnival, so please go by and support my recipe…

…And WOW – You should see the other amazing entries…Great recipes, food information, even how food can sell you house quicker, and how to make homemade doggy treats!

I had a lot of fun interacting and perusing the delicious dishes!


I hope you enjoyed this Recipe post on Ingrid Turner Today! Until next time…

Check Out That Carnival!


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2 Responses
  1. Sdanektir says:

    Good to see you’re doing some research to fill in the ???

  2. Ingrid says:

    Yes, I thought I should explain this a little further. This is the first time I’d ever heard of a blog carnival either…

    So, basically, you enter your articles in and one post is made to promote all of them! It’s great for traffic and they usually follow some type of theme…

    The foodie blog carnival @ CookingWithKimberly.com was a lot of good fun and there were so many great articles submitted by some great and interesting authors!

    I suggest you enter one if you ever get invited or the chance…


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