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L-Shaped Bunk Beds Maximize Bedroom Space

L-Shaped bunk beds are something of a newer trend, although they have been around for quite some time. With so many of us today, due to economic conditions, we are rethinking our living spaces. When children arrive, we need to take steps to conserve & maximize space. We have come to recognize the advantage of “L-shaped” sofas for living room & dens, corner coffee tables, cabinets & desks. Twin beds take up a substantial amount of the space in already smaller bedrooms. Bunk beds have traditionally provided a solution to the problem of more children & less room, [ ... ]

Green Flooring is All the Rage

Looking for hardwood flooring in Painesville Ohio? There is only one place you need to know: Guhde Flooring America – where the flooring values are always All Guhde! Why Flooring America? There are so many reasons, but let’s start with the best guarantee in the world of retail flooring – the Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. This assures savvy consumers that their hardwood flooring purchase, and the installation thereof, are guaranteed by Guhde Flooring America. Simply put, if the product or the install falls short of what you [ ... ]

Ever Heard of Garlic Scapes?

Before my daughter, web chef from CookingWithKimberly.com, brought home some Garlic Scapes, I had never heard of them before… …let alone know what they are, and furthermore, what to do with them when cooking. She brought them home from Harvest Barn Country Market, and wow were they beautiful looking, all curled over like gorgeously smooth, vegetal shoestrings. lol After I had a look outside in my Summer garden, I notice a ton of [ ... ]

So Many Hardwood Floors to Choose From

As an interior decorator in Webster MO, I find that my clients yearn for Webster hardwood flooring. The tradition. The style. The beauty. Hardwood floors suggest many things to many people. The solidity of the floors suggest a bygone era, one in which people made time for each other, listened to each other, cared – perhaps – about what happened to each other a bit more than they do today, with our atomized communication styles, IPhones, and so on. Webster hardwood flooring [ ... ]

Macerated Strawberries: A Perfectly Simple Dessert

I want to share with you a really simple dessert recipe for Macerated Strawberries that is only 2 ingredients… Ingredients: strawberries sugar I know, I know…Maceration sounds like a scary proposition, doesn’t it? lol …But all it means is cut fruit with sugar on top, allowed to sit for a while so that some of the natural juices are leached out and create a gorgeous syrup of sorts on the fruit. In this instance, we are using strawberries. In fact, the berries in this webisode below were from

Cloud Computing Language Simplified

So, as you all know, I am a grandmother… I do my best online, but sometimes the “techie” language is out of my league when it comes to online workings. …The ever-new world of internet sharing, storage and business, comes a brand new world of technical terms you’ve never even heard of, let alone knowing what it means. New terms arise everyday online like weeds grow in an unkempt field. It can be very difficult for people to keep up, even for those people who are in the know…There is such a huge world of technology out [ ... ]

How do you Scald Milk for Baking?

How on Earth do you Scald Milk? My daughter, web chef @ CookingWithKimberly.com, caught me on camera to get this information out of me… Scalding is a more “retro” practice, I suppose you could say. It was necessary back in the day to scald milk because the milk wasn’t pasteurized. Scalding milk improves the baking conditions, so that your doughs can rise more effectively. Watch this cooking show below to find out how to make freezer jam: A protein is denatured (destroyed) when milk is heated to such a [ ... ]

Ever Wanted to Patent or Trademark Something?

Over my years, I have experienced times where an idea I had, or someone I knew had should have been patented or trademarked. It’s something most people don’t know how to go about… …In fact, I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve heard, “That should be trademarked” or the like. The truth of the matter is no one really knows how or where to go about it. So, it seems like something that’s a bit “pie in the sky”, and the idea is chuckled over and forgotten. Imagine, if you had an easy way to go about [ ... ]

Strawberry Freezer Jam in the Summer

We make Freezer Jam every single summer… …From a number of different fruits and interesting combinations. Now, we do all of this, but we’ve never actually showed you. So, my daughter and I covered this DIY recipe for Strawberry Freezer Jam on her show, Cooking with Kimberly. Strawberry & peach are two of my favorite flavours of freezer jam, and we’ll be making both this summer, as well as a few other flavors like raspberry & kiwi. I’d love to make a mango jam [ ... ]

Options for Flooring in Sugar Land, Texas

About 2 weeks ago, we ripped out the carpet in our living room. We are excited to install ceramic tiles throughout, except we don’t have enough of the same tiles left to make it continuous in the house. So, we have been searching for other options, like creating a rug effect with other types of tiles, which sounds marvelous. We’ve even seen faux hardwood ceramic tiles that look amazing…Wow, would love to get those. They would be beautiful! We have even looked into hardwoods. Cork is an option we love as well. So, in saying all of [ ... ]